• Nutrition and Mental Wellbeing

    It's clear that we all need to be proactive in promoting and prioritising our own mental health. Whilst many of us are predisposed to certain risks of developing a mental health condition, there are some aspects of life we can control to promote wellbeing and reduce the overall risk - diet is on... View Post
  • Keto: Everything you need to Know

      The ketogenic or ‘keto’ diet has rocketed in popularity in recent years, thanks to its many associated health benefits. Following a high fat and low carb diet can help to prevent disease and promote weight loss. What’s more, it’s based on some simple core principles rather than an extensive li... View Post
  • Making Lent Last

    Why Giving Up What's Bad for You Should Last Longer Than 6 Weeks! Lent is embraced by Christians and non-Christians alike. But whether you’ve giving up booze, takeaways, chocolate or something else entirely – chances are it’s because you usually overindulge in them! Going without something that ... View Post