• How to Have an Indulgent and Sugar Free Christmas!

    Salads and smoothies are a thing of the past and in their snowy foot prints you’ll find chocolate for breakfast and mulled wine before midday! We’re not here to preach to you the importance of clean eating this Christmas, but rather to show you that indulgence and health can coexist in synergy for celebrations that are both nutritious and delicious! Read on to discover how to have a sugar free Christmas! View Post
  • Nutrition and Brain Health

    It’s no secret that following a healthy diet can help us to look and feel our best, promoting overall physical health and preventing disease. But did you know that the food you eat can also dramatically influence your mental wellbeing? The connection between nutrients and brain function is truly amazing and understanding it better will help you to optimise your own overall health and wellbeing. Read on to discover the fascinating synergy between nutrition and brain health. View Post
  • How to Survive the Party Season!

    Summer is over and as much as it hurts to say goodbye to sunshine and hello to the winter wardrobe – there’s some winter perks we can’t help but crave! After all, who doesn’t love candles, knitted jumpers, comfort food and movie nights in front of the fire? As much as we love the run up to the most wonderful time of the year (too soon?!) it can be a busy and boozy few months – which can take its toll on our wellbeing. Read on for five top tips to help you stay happy and healthy during the winter months and start the New Year as you mean to go on. View Post