Wholesale For Manufacturing

NKDLIVING is a global brand that specialises in sugar replacement solutions and ketogenic ingredients and the science behind them! We currently supply to over 40 countries globally. Our diverse product range is supplied direct to food and catering industries, the healthcare industry, nursing homes and educational institutes across four continents.

We can currently offer the below wholesale ingredients in bulk at very competitive prices from UK stock:

- Erythritol 25kg sacks

- Powdered Erythritol 20kg sacks

- Erythritol GOLD 25kg sacks

- Erythritol and stevia 1:1 25kg sacks

- Xylitol 25kg sacks

- Bulk stevia liquid and powder

- Psyllium husk whole and powder

- Almond flour - 10kg sacks

- Inulin 20 kg sacks

- MCT oil Barrels

For all wholesale and distribution enquiries, feel free to contact us below or email s.west@nkdliving.com