Granulated Erythritol
Granulated Erythritol
Granulated Erythritol

Granulated Erythritol

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NKD Living Erythritol 

Erythritol is a zero-calorie sugar replacement used to sweeten just about anything! Sprinkle over fruit and even bake with it just like sugar!

As part of the “sugar alcohol” family, Erythritol is a naturally derived extract from fruits and plants and passes straight through your body undigested. Therefore, erythritol does not affect blood glucose levels and has zero net carbohydrates! This makes it the perfect sugar alternative for diabetics, low carb “keto” dieters, and anyone reducing calories.

Ingredients: 100% Erythritol 

Certification: Non-GMO project verified


Suitable for: Diabetics, ketogenic diets, low carbohydrate diets  


Calories 0 Kcal
Carbohydrates 100g (0 Net Carbs)
Of which Polyols 100g
Fat 0g
Protein 0g
Fibre 0g
Salt 0g


2020 Granulated Erythritol GREAT TASTE AWARD



NKD Living granulated erythritol and powdered erythritol was awarded a great taste award! See below what the juges said:

"Crystal white granules. Quickly melts in the mouth. The flavour dissipates quickly but it's clean on the palate. The judges observed that it wasn't actually too sweet, which for a product of this nature is quite refreshing! If you're looking for a sugar replacement, this is a great alternative!"

"A very traditional, sugar-like, looking product. The initial 'sweet' taste is fairly low level. On solution this increased to a good, usable level. It sweetens without the bitter spike of several other alternative products."