NKD Living Sugar Free Pancake Cereal

NKD Living Sugar Free Pancake Cereal

A flipping fantastic low sugar recipe to celebrate Shrove Tuesday! Mix up your pancake day with this low sugar pancake cereal recipe made with NKD Living Granulated Erythritol!


💚 180g Self Raising Flour

💚 50g NKD Living Granulated Erythritol

💚 250ml Milk

💚 1 tbsp of Cacao Powder

💚 Fresh Berries

💚 Naked Syrup (for drizzling!)



1. Mix all the ingredients apart from the cacao powder.

2. Split the batter in two bowls and add the cacao powder to one half, mixing well.

3. Pour the batters into piping bags/squeezy bottles and cook in a pan.

4. Serve with your NKD Living Naked Syrup and fresh berries.

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