NKD Living Dalgona Coffee

NKD Living Dalgona Coffee

This Korean coffee drink is like a cappuccino turned on its head, with the frothy coffee on top and the milk underneath! It only requires three ingredients to make and you can have it hot or cold. The hardest part is getting your picture just right! 📷

💚 2 tbsp Instant Coffee or Espresso Powder
💚 2 tbsp NKD Living Granulated Erythritol
💚 2 tbsp Very Hot Water
💚 400ml Milk
💚 Optional: 1-2 tsp of coffee liqueur (weekends only 😉)


1.  Add the instant coffee, NKD Living Erythritol and hot water to a medium mixing bowl.

2. Using an electric hand-held mixer, whip the coffee mixture until it is light brown, fluffy and holds stiff peaks when the whisk is removed.

3. Heat the milk, if desired, and divide between two heatproof glasses.

4. Spoon dollops of the frothed coffee mixture on top and smooth out with a spoon.

5. Enjoy!

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