Fruity Keto Mini Cakes

Fruity Keto Mini Cakes

Fancy a sweet, fruity treat that won't kick you out of keto or send those blood sugars soaring? These light, fluffy mini cakes by @michellecooksketo are perfect for those days when the sweet cravings kick in. 

Made with NKD Living Almond Flour and Powdered Erythritol, they tick that sweet box whilst keeping your carbs in check. Give them a try!

🍓300g NKD Living Almond Flour
🍓40g Whey Protein Powder 
🍓2 tsp Baking Powder
🍓45g NKD Living Powdered Erythritol
🍓45g Allulose 
🍓115g Softened Butter
🍓3 Large Eggs
🍓125ml Unsweetened Soy Milk 
🍓1 tsp Orange Extract
🍓1/2 tsp Salt
🍓Juicy Summer Fruits of Choice

🍓226g Cream Cheese
🍓85g Butter
🍓80g NKD Living Powdered Erythritol 

⭐Preheat oven to 160°C & grease two 15cm round baking tins, lining with parchment paper.
⭐Mix the dry ingredients: NKD Living Almond Flour, baking powder, whey protein powder and salt with a fork.
⭐In a separate large bowl and using an electric mixer, whisk the butter and NKD Living Powdered Erythritol for approximately 2 minutes until light and fluffy.
Add the eggs one at a time, whisking well after each addition.
⭐Mix in half of the almond flour mixture, then add the soy milk and mix in the remaining almond flour mixture until well combined.
Divide the batter between both baking tins, smoothing the surface and bake for 30 – 40 minutes.  
⭐Insert a toothpick to see if the cakes are baked through, then take the baking tins out of the oven and leave to cool for approximately 20 mins before removing from the tins and leaving to cool. 
⭐Make the frosting by whisking the ingredients together in a bowl.
Place one cake layer on a large platter and spread 1/3 of the frosting on top, spreading evenly.
⭐Cut summer fruits in half and place on top of the frosting. Repeat with the second cake, then cover the sides with the remaining frosting. Place your choice of summer fruits on top of the cake, piling as high as you like.

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