Chocolate Carajillos Cocktail

Chocolate Carajillos Cocktail

🍊🧡Orange you glad @fromanaskitchen has made us Chocolate Carajillos to enjoy this weekend? 😉🍊🧡
Living a low sugar lifestyle doesn’t mean missing out on weekend celebrations! This weekend we’ll be relaxing with the people we love most and getting creative with the art of mixology! So, if you fancy trying something new, grab your shaker and give it a go! ✔️💪🏽


To create this delicious, seasonal beveragino, you will need:


🧡  4 ounces (120ml) Licor 43
🧡 1 shot espresso
🧡 Orange Peel
🧡 Two handfuls of ice
🧡 10 drops of NKD Living Chocolate Stevia drops


Here’s how to make this cocktail in 2-easy steps!


1. Mix in a shaker one handful of ice, licor 43, espresso and chocolate stevia (shake hard to get the foam)
2. Serve in a glass full of ice and finish with orange peel (twist before adding to the glass to release the oils and smell)
Happy Weekend!



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