How to Have an Indulgent and Sugar Free Christmas!

How to Have an Indulgent and Sugar Free Christmas!

The Festive season is upon us and it’s a time of year when indulgence is embraced – not avoided! 🎅
Salads and smoothies are a thing of the past and in their snowy foot prints you’ll find chocolate for breakfast and mulled wine before midday! We’re not here to preach to you the importance of clean eating this Christmas, but rather to show you that indulgence and health can coexist in synergy for celebrations that are both nutritious and delicious! Read on to discover how to have a sugar free Christmas!

No Sugar? Bah Humbug!

OK, we hear you – Christmas is not the time for holding back, bring on the cheese, the booze the chocolate and… the gout?! We are all for letting your hair down and loosening those reigns at this time of year, enjoying a precious opportunity to treat yourself and those you love. Having said this, we truly believe that you can enjoy Christmas to the fullest – and life in fact! – completely sugar free. By doing so
you can make sure that the festivities don’t come at a cost to your health. Indulgence around Christmas is something to be savoured for sure but enjoying all of the tasty treats on offer is perfectly possible minus the sugar.

We want to show you how to eat, drink, be merry and sugar free this Christmas, here goes!

🎄Get an Alternative Advent Calendar
It’s 2019 and alternative advent calendars are everywhere – what a time to be alive! The good news is that those leading a low carb or sugar free lifestyle can still embrace the childish joy of an advent calendar minus the sugar! Instead of starting every December day with a chocolate of questionable quality (poor teeth!) why not
get something quirky, creative and healthier? Here’s some of our favourite sugar free advent calendar finds:
🎁 Curry Legend Spice Advent Calendar
🎁Muchkings Nutty Advent Calendar
🎁 Pukka Herbal Tea Advent Calendar
🎁 Mindful Self Care Advent Calendar

Don’t go along with the crowd this Christmas, make your advent calendar as special as you are!

🎄 Make and Bake Your Own
Sugar is a non-nutrient added to heaps of unsuspecting foods to add flavour and sweetness where it otherwise wouldn’t exist. The not so sweet truth about sugar is that it wreaks havoc on our health and is also incredibly addictive (
sugar-addiction-including-how-to-beat-it). One of the easiest ways to avoid sugar completely is to make your own food and drinks. As a rule of thumb, the more processed something is the greater the likelihood of it containing sugar. This may be stating the obvious when it comes to junk food but you’ll also find hidden sugar in things you would never have guessed – such as breakfast cereals, fruit smoothies, pasta sauces and ready prepared meals. It goes without saying that by making your own you can control exactly what’s going in – and leave out
anything you want to avoid, such as sugar. So try baking your own Christmas cake or mince pies using natural sweeteners in place of sugar; or whipping up a batch of sugar free mulled wine to swerve the sugar and stay satisfied!

Check out our recipes page for some amazing sugar free desserts that are guaranteed to impress every guest around the table – even those with a sweet tooth, they’ll never know!

🎄 Beware the Booze – Especially Cocktails!
As mentioned, fruit juice is particularly high in sugar and in its liquid form hits the body like a sugar bomb! Whilst this is naturally occurring sugar (fructose) and fruit also contains many beneficial nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, the fact remains that most fruit juice is so high in sugar it outweighs any benefit. You’ll also find masses of sugar in the more Christmassy cocktails such as those made with
milkshake, cream or with added sweet garnishes. If you do enjoy a boozy beverage at Christmas, again – try making your own. Stick to sugar-free mixers rather than fruit juice and choose drinks naturally lower in sugar such as spirits, red wine and prosecco. Having said this, if these drinks aren’t your bag at all and you’re craving a cocktail then go for it – it is Christmas after all! By making your own cocktails you can utilise fruits naturally lower in sugar – such as citrus fruits and berries, plus you get to show off your cocktail shaker moves! Check out our Low Carb Beverages recipe page for some low sugar festive drinks inspiration!

Tip: Try adding around 10g Natural Sugar Replacement or just 2g Granulated Stevia per drink for natural sweetness and none of the harmful effects of sugar!

🎄 Make It Your Christmas Wish to Be Sugar Free!
One thing you can do for yourself this Christmas is to (gratefully!) request that your loved ones gift you something other than sweet treats. Chocolates and sweets are a gifting staple and are often something we purchase automatically in our festive blindsight or else to bulk out the main gift – what a crazy world we live in! Trouble is, sometimes they’re unwanted in the first place and often last well into the New Year – gathering dust on office shelves and or else getting passed from person to person in an attempt to escape the sugar! This is a first world problem for sure and we are so lucky to have all we need and more, but by making your nearest and dearest aware of your healthier, sugar free intentions you can avoid unwanted gifts and waste. Instead, ask for something better fitting to your healthy lifestyle or self-loving philosophy. This is also a great way to support smaller, local businesses and not fall victim to the corporate overload at Christmas – encouraging quirkier and more imaginative presents. Even better, why not ask for a charitable donation in place of any smaller gifts?

So, there you have it, some festive inspiration to make the most of this Christmas whilst steering clear of sugar! All it takes is some planning, preparation and personal presents to swerve unnecessary and unwanted sugar during the party season. You can indulge in all the sweet treats whilst maintaining your healthy, low carb lifestyle and by doing so you’ll get the New Year off to a healthy and positive
start – rather than playing catch-up to right the wrongs and repair the damage done during the festivities! Here’s to a happy and healthy Christmas!

Author: Stephanie Masterman @NutriNoggin
Dated: 20/11/2019

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