What is erythritol

100% Natural, 0 Calorie Sugar Replacement

Erythritol is a zero calorie sugar replacement used to sweeten just about anything! Sprinkle over fruit, use to make ice cream and even bake with it just like sugar!

As part of the “sugar alcohol” family, Erythritol is a naturally derived extract from fruits and plants and passes straight through your body undigested. Therefore, erythritol does not affect blood glucose levels in most people and has zero net carbohydrates! This makes it the perfect sugar alternative for diabetics, low carb “keto” dieters and anyone reducing calories

Why use erythritol?


At 70% the sweetness of sugar, it has nearly all the taste but none of the guilt. By comparison, sugar has a Glycemic Index (GI) of 68 and Erythritol has a GI of 0 which is why there are no blood sugar increases and no storage of fat! You can replace your sugar in all of your cooking without spoiling the recipes. Unlike most sugar alternatives, there is no bitter or unpleasant aftertaste just a sweet and refreshing taste some describe as a mild cooling sensation. Erythritol poses no risk of tooth decay, and dentists love it. Research suggests oral bacteria cannot feed off of Erythritol in the mouth and therefore prevents build-up of oral plague. And if your furry friends like to hoover up the crumbs, there’s no need to worry as Erythritol is completely safe for pets!