NKD Living Whisky Sour

NKD Living Whisky Sour

It’s the end of the week and we’re looking for a weekend pick me up... enjoy a no added sugar Whisky Sour on us.... go on it’s Friday after all! 


🍊50ml x Whisky
🍊12 ml x NKD Living Stevia Liquid - Pure Stevia
🍊12 ml x Lemon Juice and the Zest of a Lemon
🍊½ an Egg White
🍊3 x dashes of Bitters
🍊Orange Zest to garnish



1. Add all of the ingredients ( except the Lemon & Orange zest) and a hand full of Ice into a cocktail shaker. Shake hard for 1 minute, strain and pour into an ice-filled serving glass.

2.Squeeze the lemon zest into the drink so the oil sprays and scents the cocktail.

3.Discard the zest, garnish with Orange zest, serve and relax!


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