NKD Living Low Sugar Chocolate Pancakes

NKD Living Low Sugar Chocolate Pancakes

We've teamed up with @nourishingamy to bring you the PERFECT LOW SUGAR PANCAKE DAY RECIPE! 🥞🙌🏻

These pancakes are naturally vegan, gluten-free and low in sugar thanks to our Granulated Erythritol! 💚“It tastes just like sugar, bakes the same and is tooth-friendly too! 🌿”
Ingredients (Serves 3):
💚 100g Oats
💚 1 tsp Baking Powder
💚 1 Banana
💚 240ml Almond or Oat Milk
💚 1 tbsp Lemon Juice
💚 2 tbsp Cacao Powder
💚Coconut Yoghurt, NKD Living Naked Syrup, Berries (to serve)


1. Place all of the pancake ingredients expect the cacao powder into a food processor or blender and whiz until thick and creamy. Pour into a bowl and leave to rest for 10 minutes. 

2. Heat a large non-stick frying pan with a little oil and drop 1 large tbsp of batter into the hot pan per pancake. Cook over a high heat until bubbles form, about 2 minutes, then flip and cook on the other side for 2 minutes or until golden. Make 3 pancakes like this and then add ½ tsp cacao powder to the remaining batter. Cook another 3 pancakes and then repeat, adding the cacao powder in ½ tsp measures until all the batter has been used.

3. To serve, layer the pancakes in light to dark colour and then top with chocolate sauce, coconut yoghurt and berries.


Makes 15-18 small pancakes.

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